Brasov Cup wants to be an international soccer tournament for children and youth whose main objective is to give young players around the world the opportunity to combine football with tourism and entertainment.

Meanwhile Brasov Junior's Cup will allow parents of young footballers, managers of the participating clubs but also people accompanying the team to meet the splendid city of Brasov!

    - The first edition took place between 9 and 14 August 2009 and enjoyed great success among the participants. There were present 50 teams entered in three age categories who have battled through four days of competition on 5 natural grass stadiums in Brasov.
    - The second edition was held from 9 to 14 August 2010 and had a much greater success than the first one. 163 teams were present form 5 countries (Romania, England, Spain, Bulgaria, Rep. of Moldova) and 35 counties in 8 age groups.
    - The third edition took place from 9 to 14 August 2011 and had also been part of a success. 220 teams were present form 6 countries (Romania, Portugal, Lithuania, Estonia, Bulgaria, Rep. Moldova) and 38 counties that have battled for prizes at the 9 age groups.
    - The fourth edition (August 9 to 14, 2012) was a great success and gathered nearly 200 teams to start form all over Europe (Romania, England, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Slovakia, Hungary and Serbia). The tournament had 9 age groups, each involving between 16 and 32 teams.
    - Edition number 5 was a success (10 to 14 August 2013), with 180 teams at the start form 4 European countries (Romania, Moldova, Ukraine and Macedonia).
    - The 2014 edition was also very successful, given the involvement for the first time of the Romanian Football Federation!
    - The seventh edition of Brasov Cup promises to be even from now a very interesting one and you are more than welcome!

Brasov will be a good host and will give all those present at this tournament (players, coaches, managers, parents, etc.) a breathe of the fresh air of the city at the foot of Tampa, and can leave with unforgettable memories after visits to the objectives in and around Brasov.

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