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The Black Church is the largest and most beautiful Gothic building in Europe. It is located in the center of Brasov, just off the Council Square. The Gothic building was partially damaged by fire in 1689, when its walls were slandered and received its current name .
The Black Church is one of the most important monuments of Gothic architecture in Romania, dating from the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries.

With a length of over 89 meters is considered to be the largest church in Romania. Due to its size, when it was completed was named the largest church between Vienna and Constantiopol (now Istanbul).
Black church has impressive size, measuring 89 meters long and 38 meters wide. This church can hold about 5,000 people. It is a church of late Gothic hall type, consisting of choir, nave and tower. In overall length, 31 m are represented by the choir, nave 42 m and 16 m from the tower base.
The choir ends with a new section of a hexadecagon sides. Three pairs of columns divide it into three naves of equal height. On the south side there is a small entrance, originally intended for the priesthood, and on the north side of the choir is the sacristy. Outside the choir is supported by 15 buttresses, each of them being raised by a statue under a canopy. Buttresses are provided with Fiala at the top.
The nave consists of three ships of equal height and divided by five pairs of columns in six bays. In lateral, about halfway up their galleries are located, and on the west side, organ loft. The nave has four gates, and the southern leads first into a vestibule.
Of the two towers of the original plan was only the southern high up to a height of 44 m, and the dome rises to 65 m in the transverse arm of the cross. Above the balcony on the south side of the tower or on the west tower clock dials are. The main portal of the church is on the south side and is enriched with decorative carvings.
The exterior walls and vaults are 21 m high peaks. Belonging nave roof ridge rises to 42 m and about 38 m of the choir.
The tower is 30 m, and externally between the two spiral staircases, measured 31 m.
The total area of ​​2500 m² church occupies and blocks that are built walls have a volume of 9000 m³. Surface area is approximately 4500 m² church. The Black Church is 589 m above sea level.
The Black Church is famous not only by its size but also by other things: thus the bell is the largest bell in the Romanian contry, a bronze bell weighing 6 tons. Choir supported by external buttresses decorated with statues of saints edicole housing is one of the few examples of this type of Transylvania.
Except Topkapi Museum in Istanbul, the Black Church has the largest collection of oriental carpets in Europe, dating from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. The interior is dominated by the Black Church showarea displaying the approximately 110 color oriental rugs. Even a novice would be impressed by the many shades and patterns of this unusual decor, while the expert will be fascinated.